3 years graduation course


I have a 2 years master degree ( M.Sc ) and 3 years graduation degree ( Bachelor of Computer Application ), so total I have spent 17 years ( 10 years School + 2 Years Inter + 3 Years Graduation + 2 Years Master ) of academic.

Do I qualify to apply for Master degree as my highest qualification? I am asking this question as I am not sure whether Canada immigration or ECA consider 3 years graduation course.


You can check in WES equivalency tool to see what equivalency your MSc or BCA has in Canada…

Also good thing is that even if they don’t evaluate as Canadian master, you will still be able to count as two degrees which has good points almost near to the points with masters…

Also you will have to submit transcripts of both MSc and BCA to get ECA …

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@srhere Thanks for the information, really appreciate it.