About Goods to Follow during Soft Landing

HI I am planning to land in Canada in October/November 2020. I am also planning to import certain personal items along with my car later on in 2021. These items will not be shipped and will be in the trunk of the said car.

I was wondering

  1. if I still need to fill up Form BSF186A (Goods to Follow) form for the above items?
  2. Am I required to add my car in the form or it can be handled later?


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Following. Have a similar query…I had done my soft landing last year in November 2019 and had a goods to follow list done… but I sold some of those items and have new items with me which I plan to bring to Canada…

Will I be fine or have to pay any customs? Also, can we carry 2 laptops with us in carry on bags?

Any inputs would be appreciated.

I have a question about a variation of the above question: I have already completed my soft-landing, I have a PR card but I did not know about the Goods to Follow form at that time. Do I have any avenues to not have my “goods” that will follow to be taxed - most likely a car and some electronics?

So to sum up three questions so far on this thread:

  1. OP asks about whether they need to include their car and items in the car’s trunk on the “Goods to follow” form if the car and the items will be shipped sometime in 2021?
  2. @indbad90’s question is about data on their form having changed (bought/sold some stuff - how to update?)
  3. My question is about my options now that I have not filled that form out at all and whether I will have to pay taxes on my car when I eventually take it with me.