Action required for marriage documents- Help!

While submitting my application, i attached a letter of explanation for my proof of funds in client information section. I found a sample letter from google and edited with my details. Unfortunately , i missed a part where the sample letter has a part saying " me and my accompanying spouse" . I overlooked it and attached the word document. But i am single and never married.
Today i got an update saying the following:

“This letter is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada. In order to continue the review of your application we require that you provide us with additional information. The “Client Information” letter that was provided with your application states that you will be bringing settlement funds to support you and your accompanying spouse. Please provide us with details of your marital history and whether you are currently married, single, divorced, etc. Please note: The above information/documents must be received within 7 days from the date of this correspondence. If this deadline is not met, your application will be assessed based on the information that was provided with your application and your application could be rejected. Please upload these documents to your MyCIC account.”

What to do now? I was never married. How to tell them this?

Tell them the same through a CSE… Attach a LOE saying that u were never married and tht ‘accompanying spouse’ phrase was purely a mistake!

Thanks for the reply. I submitted a request with IRCC webforms page. I was given deadline of 7 days for the documents originally. Will they look at this request within 7 days.

Of course they will… Don’t worry!

Today i got a new message to give biometrics in a VAC. I am currently residing in united states with F1 status. Is this a new rule?