Any Oct 2018 AoR got PPR without status update?


Dis anyone get PPR for Oct AOR without any status update. My application shows no status about background check even after 4 months of only shows medicals passed.

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Mine is the same - Oct AOR an no status update after Medicals passed.

U got ur PPR?


I’m on the same boat. I did not see any status change in my application as well. AOR is on Oct 17.

Hi…2nd Oct AOR…No status update except Medical passed on 31st Oct.

same for me as well no status update since Medical passed, my AOR is Oct 15th

Get your GCMS notes to check the status. It will show more details. you can get your GCMS notes safely form Apply GCMS

AOR 30 Oct. No updates after clearing the medical exam :frowning:

Same here, Oct 24th AOR. No updates since then except medicals passed. I was worried if it was only me. So did you guys hear if any OCT AOR got status updates.

AOR : October 20.

No updates yet !

Hey Guys,

Ielts: 8.5
Crs: 478
AOR: October 10th
MEP: November 9th

No updates after that.

PPR: March 11th

I don’t know how much this helps.
Good luck everyone.


Oh wow wonderful… R u single or family?


Congrats and thanks for the update!

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Did you apply from India or some other place.

I did file it while in India. I was in a transition of moving from states to India.


Is there any pattern for people applying from USA where their applications are getting delayed.

I think especially after 2016 elections and subsequent tightening of H1 rules, I have seen an uptick in applicants for EE. This may have caused a slowdown of applications.

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AOR : 8th Oct 2018
MEP : 7th Nov 2018
Medicals Expired : 14th Jan 2019 (I am a BC-PNP Inland Applicant)
IP2 : 20th March 2019

No updates since then. Hoping we all Dreamers get PPR soon.