Anyone have COPR extension before

we have received a very short COPR visa valid which expires in December 2022.
As we have a newborn baby we are not willing to travel immediately.
As such will it be possible to request for COPR expiry extension?
Can we do upfront medical if our application has been approved and then raise webform to request for extension?

Yeah we had the same situation ~2 years back. We emailed saying we could not travel and attached a letter from a doctor as evidence. We heard back from CIC after 6-7 months, and they asked us to redo medicals etc. and then gave us another CoPR recently.

We are in a similar dilemma now with cases increasing again; haven’t yet decided on when to do soft landing.

When it comes to arrange document within the 30 days time period, can we request them to extend it based on the circumstances, such as passport renewal currently in process or unavailability of appointments for pcc checks etc.

Can you please assist.

My copr is expiring march 2023. I had requested to add spouse in my application. If my spouse application doesn’t get complete by March 2023, will they extend my copr ?


What is your situation now? I just got an email reply from IRCC which request me to have new application after ecopr expired. So it seem no extension :pensive: