Anyone moving to Toronto from the NY tristate area around March/April?

Let’s connect! Would love to exchange ideas as we plan our upcoming move.

Hi there! We live in MA, and are planning our move this summer to GTA. Would love to connect.

Awesome, sent you a message!

Planning to move from NJ to GTA area by March. It would be great to connect.

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That’s amazing! Sent you a message. Let’s connect.

Hi @LadyLuck @MH5 @ShruthiP - Planning to move to GTA area in May timeframe from Philadelphia, PA.

Hi, I am planning to go end of March, can we coordinate.?

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Sure. Sending you a private message.

Hi All,

I am planning to move as well around May. Is there a WhatsApp group or something that you can add me to? If not, I can create one and add us all there. Please DM me.


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Did you create a group ? If yes, then pls add me. I can share my phone num via DM.

Hi - I am planning to move in April. Please add me in the group…thanks

Please add me as well if you created that group. I will send my number via DM.


Moving in March, will share updates on the process.

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Created the group. DM me your number, I will add you

Is this thread/group still active? I’m expecting to move from Boston to Toronto in the next 4-6 weeks and would love to collaborate if anyone is in a similar situation. Thanks!