Application got cancelled! What to do?

Hello All,

This morning I received a message from the CIC that my application was cancelled based on the below reason:

> Police Certificate:
The letters of explanation regarding the Police Certificates from United States of America you have provided with your application have been reviewed, however, with the absence of proof of submission for the Police Certificates, we are unable to determine that you made your best efforts to obtain the required documents.

Note: A full review of your application was not performed. There may be other elements, not identified above, which may also be missing or incomplete.

Here is the background:
My application was submitted on 17th May 2019, while I was in India and the deadline for my application was 20th May. Since I was out of the home country (USA), I had to provide the CIC another set of USA PCC before 20th May, which was not possible, so we provided a letter of explanation to CIC that as soon as we land in USA , we will be submitting new set of USA PCC. I even paid for the FBI PCC and provided the receipt that I have applied for the USA PCC, so that the officer would know that I was out of country. Attached the return tickets (27th May) as proof of travel as well.

But it seems the CIC did not accept the Letter of Explanation or the proof of my travel. All my fees have been refunded back. I even submitted new set of USA PCC once I was back the day I landed. Is there a way out of this? I do not want to re-submit my application all over again and moreover, the cut-off score is higher than my score (454) at the moment. Can we contact somebody in CIC and explain to them about this and re-open the same application?

@sankalp did you not get an FBI Background check before you applied. So i applied for FBI Background check on 03/25/2019 will that be good enough. How about you Indian PCC did you get it and how long is it good for.

Bharat C P

I doubt that they will reopen the case considering you had already submitted letter of explanation and documents which they did not bother to consider. Your best bet at this point would be to resubmit your application.

How about trying to contact cic once, explaining them ur situation, attaching all the documents again? First call cic and try to explain everything to the agent and if she says something +ve, then ask her the email id to mail to and give it a try. This is the least u can do for now…