Applied for PR and got a job

Hi All,
I applied for PR through express entry few weeks back with my wife as primary based on points. One week after this, I received job offer. The company wants me to move within 2 months. Since, I can’t say for sure that I will get my PR within 2 months, they told me to apply for work permit.
I had a questions on this.

  1. Do i have to inform CIC that i have received a job and applying for work permit? Does this make it an internal application?
  2. Will applying for work permit and moving to Canada impact my PR.
    Kindly let me know if any of you are in such a scenario.

You just need to apply for a work permit the normal way. After you move you need to update CIC with your new address asap. It shouldn’t affect your PR.

Thanks for the response. I was told to apply for open work permit. While applying for open work permit, do I need to mention I got a job with a Canadian company?

I don’t know the process for work permits, maybe some other people here do.

Hi @arvindkonar,
Can you provide tips how you were able to secure job offer from outside Canada? Is this a contract job or a permanent full time job? Please do provide details. Thanks

I have been applying through LinkedIn for like almost a year and only some companies responded. Most of them didn’t move forward since I didn’t have a work permit/PR in Canada. Guess it’s persistence plus interview prep. I used US companies as practice for any Canadian company interviews.

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Wow thats really persistence. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. All the best to you in Canada.