Apply for Canada Express Entry while studying in Quebec

I have been starting my Ph.D. at Quebec very recently, and at the same time, I realized that I am also eligible for Express Entry (after calculating my score on the CIC web site, the score was 461). However, by studying the EE rules, I realized that according to EE regulations one must plan to live outside the province of Quebec. I know that you can apply to express entry from Quebec but I have come up with a question that if I open the Express entry profile and my profile goes forward, can I continue my education here and leave Quebec after my graduation or I have to leave Quebec as soon as my profile goes to the next steps. Does the fact that I am studying within Quebec have any controversy with the so-called has to be proven intention of leaving Quebec?

@vik, any idea what to do in this situation?

@reza1, in the meanwhile do take a look at the following thread and see if it helps.