AT&T Prepaid plan / home internet

Moving to GTA next month and I start my job after couple of days once I land. Since I have to quarantine for 2 weeks, I won’t be able to go out for anything. I have heard that in order to activate home internet, I need to visit a physical store and cannot do it online (no credit history). I was planning on using AT&T prepaid $50 plan that comes with unlimited data to connect to my work laptop. Has anyone experience with using AT&T data plan in this scenario? This is really critical for me as I won’t be able to login without internet. Any advice/points would be helpful.

I’d recommend reading the plan details more carefully. As far as I can tell the $50 plan ($65 without autopay) doesn’t have hotspot and you need to pay for it separately.

The $30 and $40 plans do have hotspot but data is capped.

Where are you going to be Quarantining? Is this going to be a Airbnb or hotel, if so they may already have Wi-Fi.

And for home internet there are no contract options which you can get without a credit history.

When I first moved I used the $40 AT&T plan and it worked flawlessly across Canada from Ontario to BC. So you’ll likely find good coverage with it.

You are right, it doesn’t have. I will try to find home internet without visiting the store physically.