Automated message - Not meeting EE requirements

Hi all ,

When I use the Canada immigration website to see if Im qualify for the EE application , I get a code that says Im eligible to apply.

Now I have submitted my EE profile but I get an automated message that Im not qualified for the EE. I have a masters degree Mechanical Engineer from USA school and a recent IELTS test with overall score 7 (L7 R6 W6.5 S7.5) Age is 30.

Can you please let me know what could be the possible cause of this message? How can I submit my profile successfully?

This is the message:

To qualify for Express Entry, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and/or the Federal Skilled Trades Program and/or the Canadian Experience Class. Based on the information you gave in your profile, you do not appear to meet the minimum eligibility criteria for any of these programs at the moment.

Below are a few examples of why a candidate will be found ineligible:

  • not having a valid language test,
  • language test results that are more than two years old,
  • a language test score that is too low,
  • not having enough relevant work experience,
  • not having the required education level,
  • not having enough funds.


Your listening, reading and writing scores are not upto the mark. You atleast need: L:8,R:7,W:7 in iELTS to make the cut off. Now I know that in order to be eligible for EE the criteria is lower but its hard to tell what exactly you entered in the application. DId you miss a field or checked something invalid unknowingly? Its hard to tell. However, it would make sense to retake iELTS because even if you are eligible you may not make the cutoff with the current trends unless you are aiming Provincial Nominee programs

Thanks @rjtbansal for the help.

I also thought maybe the first time , I put some wrong information and tried for the second time but I keep getting the same automated message. When I use the wesbite calculator , it says Im eligible to apply but when I submit forms I get a message that I am not. So Im very confused and I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.


Are you showing your work experience? That’s a must. Your IELTS is fine and you got the minimum required, so that is not the stopper here… Though you need the combination as mentioned in the above reply, for a good score.

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Also check the date of your IELTS score card… it should not be more than 2 yrs old

@prabhakar_meduri thank you for help.

Yes so I have more than 3years experience as mechanical engineer , I put it in the system , I will double check this.

Also IELTS results are two month old only


Did you add the ECA for the degree you mentioned? If you have more than one degree, add only the highest.

Have you also checked if the NOC for your job experience qualifies for Express entry program?

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@cmanoj84 , thank you for help.

Thats a good idea maybe I should try it with one education listing. Currenlty I listed two different one for my bachlour and one for my masters. I would still be surprised if they called me unqualified becasue of entering two education listing.

NOC code I checked and it should be correct for machanical engineering