Background Check taking more time than usual


Probably yes :slight_smile: congratulations


Hi @swapnil709, we tried calling a few weeks ago too and it kept being directed to some other office. Then I searched online and found this:
“The Government of Canada have changed the below number from an IRCC number to a Foreign Affairs number, so it no longer works as an option for calling IRCC from overseas. You can try using some of the below tricks to call IRCC’s main number, 1-888-242-2100 or you can try other alternatives not currently listed here. We will update this article if we discover another non-800 number you can use.”

It was listed here:

I haven’t been able to reach them over phone after that.


Hi @zi2010,

How did you call CIC? Can you provide the number for calling them from outside Canada?


@sara123, your medicals expire in March too, right? Have you received any email/message to redo the medicals? We haven’t received any updates yet.


Calling CIC - steps*

1- CIC call centre

2- English press 1

3- immigration press 1

4- transfer to citizenship and imm can processing application press 1

5- status or processing times press 1

6- become permanent resident press 2

7- application starts with E press 2

8- then enter *application # followed by #

9- listen to the entered number and press 1 to confirm

10- enter the year of birth and then listen the entered number and press 1 to confirm

11- hear the details

12- then press 1 to check status (there will be a pause)

13- hear detailed status at the end press 0 to speak to agent

That’s the number and those are the steps I follow. I use Hangouts dialer to call. U can even use TextNow without giving the location access.


@canadadreams, I tried using this number from Hangouts as well. After step 4, it gives me a message that this number is not available for calling from a region outside Canada (SCT 11 or some similar code) and then the call gets disconnected.


Right that is y u should not give location access. U should use Hangouts dialer not Hangouts… Just dial directly. It will not stop u anywhere. I am in India and that is what I do…


Thanks @canadadreams. I’ll try doing that tonight.



I used Google Hangouts and called on 613-944-4000,

After that you select the appropriaqte options to Transfer over to IRCC, I believe its 1,1,1.

Once you get transferred then you select the options to check you application status after which you get an option to talk to an agent.

Let me know if that worked for you.


In our case, there was no update on background checks but we just got our PPR. So maybe they are processing your checks but not updating the profile. I hope you get your PPR request soon.


Hello there …

Yes even my medicals are expiring in 2 days but i havent heard anything rom.cic yet …

Did.u guys apply for your gcms amd what was the outcome.

Recently i updated my passport and informed cic of the same the revert they gace me was passport details noted and that all looks well with the application.

Ru guys thinking of redoing the medicals . actually i am out of india for a month for my work assignment so the earliest i can re do medicals if reqd will be by march 21

Please keep me posted of any updates


This is my application status
AOR - 17th September 2018
Medical passed - October 9th
Biometrics - October 12th
IP1 - October 9th
Nothing else has changed till date.
BG check - Application in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.


Could you get thru some agent? Did the number work for u?


I asked this question a few days ago, does anyone have any feedback on this?

I am November 8 AOR, living in the US for the past 9 years. I called CIC last Friday and the rep told me that everything looks “Good”. I asked him as to why I still haven’t received a request to submit Bio-metrics and he said that we don’t need it from everyone.
Could anyone else share their experience? I am from Pakistan so I thought I still needed to give Bio-metrics even though its been close to 7 years since I have been back.

Any responses would be appreciated


this post as options of calling canada, hope this helps


Hi there any updates on u guys ppr or medicals


Unfortunately no. I called CIC. The agent was kind enough to put in a request to find out about what’s the status of my application as it is going to be 7 months. I am waiting to hear back and see what they come up with. I wonder if there would be any process on how to expedite the process.

@sara123 I just wanted to know if you applied through PNP or FSW? and is it inland ?


No updates yet. We aren’t redoing medicals until they ask for them. Anything at your end?


Tried a few times but every time it said that the call volume is high and dropped our call :frowning:


No even i wont be doing until they ask me to …
I raised my gcms notes last week for the first time closing to 10 months … Its becoming a bit frustating now …