Background Check taking more time than usual


I applied through fsw express entry


Its outland


May be your application is in security screening. That’s the only explanation for the delay I guess. Your GCMS notes would indicate that.



How long does tbe security screening take … Its been 10 months for me since my aor


Try to get GCMS notes; maybe others on this forum have done it, I don’t know much about them, but they may give you an idea of what’s happening.


traditionally 8 months to 2 years from AOR


Wow …


Majority of the cases get through in one year from AOR. So even if its security screening, you are almost there. Please check your GCMS notes. There are hints in the GCMS notes which suggest whether its security screening or not.




Thanks lets hope it comes soon



My application is also in similar boat. My AOR is June and its been 8 months with only update mentioning medicals passed.The application status shows around 20% are complex and it is taking time for CIC to process my application. I am waiting for my GCMS notes too. I had applied via FSW Express Entry. :frowning:


If your medicals expiry in a year and you are suppose to land in Canada before it expires then I do not think FSW inland or Outland should take longer than 10months at most. Bearing in mind the fact that you have to send your passport to your Visa processing office after receiving the “Golden mail” which takes nothing less than two weeks to a month.


If your file is in security screening, CIC will ask you to redo your medicals once the initial medicals expire.


Hi dear do you have a friend or Family member in Canada? You can draft a letter, send it to them via email and ask them to print it and Mail it to CIC that way you won’t spend much. On the other hand, you can mail them directly. Include your details so they can identify you easily.


A friend of mine took this approach and got passport request 10 days later. But I can’t say for sure if it was the letter that triggered the request or it was going to come either ways. I plan to do same immediately my application gets to 180 days. U never know.


Nice, should do whatever possible to expedite the process. All the best to you !


Well my medicals expired on feb 22 it was 1 year already


At what addresss to mail the letter the cic and what should be wriiten outside .

Just the name or
Subject as status update and name of sender and application nunber .

It would be really nice of you if you could please provide an update on the same .


Hi Sarah,
Please mail it to their office in Ontario.The address is
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
200 Court Town Center Ste 370
Toronto ON M1P 4X8


Have you tried to send them an email before now? Since your medicals is over a year I am of the Opinion that you send a mail to Explain your situation in detail. Who knows…