Background Check taking more time than usual


We submitted on Apr 9 and they are still checking our eligibility too. I have seen posts on forums saying the average processing time is anything between 2 months to 4 months. It’s already been over 2 months for us and there’s no PPR so we are just waiting and watching.


A friend of mine submitted his application on 6/28 , I submitted mine on 4/23 . He got a request for his passport today. He is 3 years younger and is single.

I am still waiting for my background check to even start. Not sure what is going on. Are they processing younger and single ppl before?


Hello, I’m also getting a bit anxious, as I submitted my application in late April and there hasn’t been an update on my background status.

You have valid concerns, though I believe there are many factors involved. For your reference, I’m single and under 30.


I submitted at the start of April (me + 1 dependent) but it has been in background check for more than a month now. It seems like background check is taking a long time for some people. I placed an order for my GCMS notes yesterday but they take over a month to come so don’t know whether they’ll be of any help by the time they arrive.


What is text in your background check row when you log in online?

does it say that they will notify you when they start background check?
does it say that the background check is in progress?


will notify you when they start background check


Mine is in progress but it’s been that way since end of June. :frowning:


you mean this one:::

“Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.”


Oh. i read somewhere it stays in “Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.” for many weeks and then when it changes to in progress then it means they are near to complete it… They just update the status late… but yours is taking long time… probably you may get some update this month soon…


Yeah I had read that too but apparently now background check itself is taking a long time and it especially depends on the visa office it is assigned to.


How can you determine which visa office. Is there a way to find out why the case is taking too long?


I think calling their customer care number helps but from what I have read it depends on the rep who answers whether he/she will divulge the information. The usual wait times are apparently 45 mins to an hour so I haven’t tried calling them yet.


And I guess you can only call them from a Canadian number. Correct me if I am wrong @mrandmrs


Number for calling from outside Canada is +1 613 944 4000. I read that people use Google Hangouts or Skype for calling.


Also found this info on :

  • The local Ottawa area phone number for IRCC is 613 944 4000, and if it was a normal local number you would be able to dial 001 613 944 4000 from abroad and reach the call centre. However, controls have been put in place to detect calls from abroad at IRCC and you will not get through dialing 001 613 944 4000. One trick that has worked in the recent past is to dial *67 613 944 4000. This blocks caller ID at the receiving end but works only for calls coming from the US, so you might as well call the toll free number. It also works in Canada but that’s a moot point. There are other prefixes you can dial to block caller ID depending on what country you are dialing from:
    • From the UK and Ireland dial 141 before the number.
    • On a GSM phone from any country dial #31#613-944-4000.
    • In Argentina, dial *31# from a landline, and 31 or #31# for mobile phones.
    • From Hong Kong dial 133 before the number.
    • From South Africa dial 31 (Telkom) before the number.
    • From cellphones in Asia and elsewhere dial +1 613 944 4000.
    • Callers using Skype have encountered problems, but other VOIP providers may offer number portability, like, that allows you to port toll free numbers to your Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, service. You can attempt to use this feature to call IRCC from abroad.
    • In all the above, you will eventually be directed to a menu where you have to work your way through the options by choosing 1, then 1 again on the next menu, and then option 2.
  • The IRCC Call Centre will see ‘blocked number’ on the caller ID and your call should be put through. But now comes the tough part. You will be talking to a suspicious call centre agent who may become even more suspicious if there is echo or delay. You will have to convince them that you are not calling from abroad and remember that they will try to ascertain your current location. Some callers have admitted to calling from abroad and despite an angry reaction on the part of the agent, they were able to glean some information. That may not be your case, as agents are under orders not to talk to you. In other words, if you are going to use these type of tricks to get through, you better have a good reason to convince the person at the other end of the line that they should not hang up on you. It also appears that now agents are merely polite and tell you they cannot give you any information on any matter you may ask them about. There seems to be a running battle between international callers to the IRCC and IRCC policy directives meant to discourage them, and this does not bode well for you being able to get any useful information on the status of your application by phone.

In summary, unless your application is delayed by more than a few days or there is an urgent problem you must take care of, think twice about attempting to call IRCC from abroad. They will be sending you your acceptance or refusal in due course, and there is little a phone call to them can do to change that. If you do feel you have to call, then you can try some of the tricks listed above and any others you come across, such as VOIP services. You will have to trust, however, that the agent at the other end is willing to help you. And that likely will not be the case.


Hi All. I got PPR on 10 Aug and submitted my photos on 13 Aug that were recvd on 14 Aug. When can I expect to get CoPR?


Congrats… when did you submit your application …


Thanks. 21 Jun. But since I have snt my photos I haven’t heard a peep. I thought the CoPR would be here by now.


COPR took a week in my case, after it reached their office in Ottawa. This does not include the shipping times. Depending on which office you mail your passports, this could vary.


thats good… Are you a IT guy or what type of experience and from which country…

just getting data as different people have different timelines and yours was quick…

as other user above said you should expect CoPR very soon in some days…