Background Check taking more time than usual


hello guys! I am in the same boat. I hv submitted my express entry file on 1 may 2018. Its been more than 3 months. Whenever i check my file status, It says we are checking whether u meet an eligibility requirement and we hv nt started ur background check, we will send you a message when it will start. I m so worried. Most of my frnds got their PR in 2 months. Is it normal or should i call CIC?
any suggestions plz


I am in same situation as your wife. Did she got passport request yet or not?


Guys my status shows now that background check is processing…
But I also received an email saying ready for visa…
Which says following:

" The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete. You must complete the following steps within 30 days in order for our office to issue your Confirmation of Permanent Residence and, if applicable, permanent residence visa. If for any reason you are not able to meet this deadline, please inform us immediately by email to: with details concerning your situation"

Does this mean my application is approved or does it mean they started background check?

Please help and suggest guys @avj @vik @others


I guess, its the PPR request…others please confirm.

Congratulations man!!


Thanks… it looks like that… but we cannot send passports right now as we have a planned travel next month…
I may have to request for extension to get more time to submit… hope i get confirmation for extension soon…


Hope you get the extension. Can you please share your timeline.


Submitted appication and Got the AOR in July, and MEP was given in 15-16 days… Did not write down the dates for IP1, NA1, IP2 etc.
Now got the PPR email yesterday …


Can you please let me know the exact AOR Date?


I received PPR email awhile ago as well. Status changed to background check in progress and PPR email on the same day


@mrandmrs Did you guys get your PPR?


Nope. Still waiting!


A friend of mine and I submitted on the same day and AOR is July 20th. He got his PPR yesterday and IP2 the day before. I still am in IP1. Oh well… got no choice but to wait.


How do you know IP1 , IP2 etc? How do you determine that


There is a Not Applicable betwen IP1 and IP2.

Stages - AOR-NA-MEP-IP1-NA2-IP2-NA3(Optional)-PPR


What are these abbreviations? Could you explain?


Reference - One of the posts in


A basic summary (P.S. Timelines and order may vary based on country and stream):

  1. eAOR - electronic Acknowledgement of Receipt - a templated letter saying that your application is submitted with the application number mentioned (applicants may use this to apply for a BOW Permit, if applicable);

  2. Meds Passed - Medicals Pass and file is initially opened to check for R10 satisfaction at the CIO (Central Intake Office);

  3. BG IP(1) - Background Check in Progress for the first time - usually happens on the same day your Meds Pass. At this stage they check for all documents and that whether the applicant is not missing any documents. They are not scrutinized at this stage, except for Police Clearance certificate (dates, and period is covered based on your answers from the Personal and Travel History); Additional docs (like Schedule A, Travel History, Family Info, Proof of something, etc.) may be requested at this stage.

    • Next Step is to conduct a Background Check - NBG (not all applicants see this) - This is usually only when an applicant submits an RCMPreport and thus the security check is done later.
  4. BG NA - Not Applicable - usually happens between 1-2 months from eAOR. This is where applicants’ first phase of A11.1 Eligibility and documents are checked by the CIO. At this stage the agent checks if the points match, are above the round’s ITA points, eligibility under the stream is met, points are claimed genuinely and if there are no irregularities in the docs or work exp, NOC, etc. After this the application is sent to the Local Visa Office (LVO) for finalization and second checks.

  5. BG IP(2) - Background Check in Progress for the second time - This is the stage wherein the LVO opens the file to check your entire application and confirm the notes and insights from the CIO agent. Eg. proof of funds, letter of employment, if any; This usually happens after all the security, criminality and eligibility is all okay. and at around the 4 months mark from the eAOR.

  6. PPR - Passport Request email - Ready for Visa/Demande Finalé - This is the email which every applicant stresses and waits for, it is on this forum also known as The Golden Email . This means the officer is satisfied and has approved your application also has requested your passport (if needed) or photocopy of passport (if from visa-exempt country) along with 2 photos and annex A form, to stamp the Immigrant Visa and issue the CoPR - Confirmation of Permanent Residency (a letter serving proof that you are a PR). It is this letter used for “landing” at the border and in officially becoming a Permanent Resident. This letter is later also used for citizenship application (if applicable).


This is what someone shared with me. Dont know the source


Thanks a lot. Really useful. I did not know this.


Guys… anyone or @vik @mrandmrs @avj
can you confirm if this PR Express entry comes under “Federal Skill worker” category or which one?

Category of Immigration (CEC, Provincial Nominee, Family Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Temporary Resident);

I am sending email to cic to request extension to submit passports and they need to know this category…

thanks in advance…


As far as I know, its under Federal Skilled worker!!