Background Check taking more time than usual


EE comes under FSW …


do you know some another medium to reach cic for request of extension…

Its been 10 days since i sent the first email and no reply yet… and sent the second email two days ago…

not sure what should i do now…


If you have submitted eAPR and it’s under process, there’s really nothing anyone can do. If your documents are in order and you’re not a criminal (or atleast never been arrested :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) you can be assured everything will turn out OK. It took 4.5 months to get PPR last year in August and if number of applicants have increased, it might take more time. After 6 months you can contact them to see if any progress has been made.

Possible digression: With regards to delays in medical test dates and police clearances, that’s something that’s happening these days, depending on where you live and what embassy you reach out to. In this case the best thing is to submit a LoE explaining why documents are pending and maybe add test confirmation date emails and such as placeholder documents and hope for best. If anyone has a better solution please feel free to share.


I know what everyone else on this thread is talking about, I submitted all my documents after receiving an ITA on April 15th and I have not received any updates from CIC till today. Has the process of issuing pprs slowed down or is it just a case by case matter?


@srhere They take around 7-10 business days to reply to emails.


Also in my case, would it be better/advisable to apply for a visitor visa as my husband is in Canada and it would be easier for me to visit him that way?


Thanks Anshul… But i already received PPR 10 days ago and I am trying to contact them for extension to submit passports for stamping because we have a planned travel this month and thats why we cannot submit passports to them within 30 days of PPR…

As I said i emailed them 10 days ago asking for extension but no reply yet… and then I sent another email two days ago… I also opened a enquiry on their web form two days ago…

so thats why i was asking if do you know any other medium to reach cic to get confirmation for extension of passports submission


thanks … lets see if i get reply next week as 10 calendar days completed today, but 10 business days will complete next mid week…


I have submitted on Aug 09 (eAOR). and got an update thats meds passed on Aug 30. The status is in BG(IP1). By looking at the comments from the forum, I see that someone got PPR in 2 months of time. For some, it took more than 4 months.

Just fingers crossed!


Did they give any phone number/email to send questions to, in the ready for visa email? I’m guessing that’s where you contacted them?
I read online that in some cases they do give the extension, but one of those cases got this extension email after the deadline had passed! If they don’t reply to your email within the deadline what’s your plan? It’s already been 14 days since you got PPR; if they don’t respond you may have to choose between submitting passport and canceling/postponing India trip / potentially losing the PR application.
Also, you are assuming the passport will be with them for more than two weeks. If they return your passport within a week you can still do the India trip. Is your India ticket insured/refundable/changeable?


I am in same boat… i hv submitted my file on 1st may. Whenever i check my file status, It says we r checking whether u meet an eligibility requirement and we hvnt start ur background check yet. I am canadian applicant. My frnds here in canada got PR in 2 months.


Submitted application on 10 April. Still waiting. Status is same as “We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.”


In a similar boat, I got AOR on the same day I submitted that’s 21st August and got medical passed updated on 11th Sept. Based on the replies of others, I reckon it’d take months for my next update


@srhere not sure if you received a response from CIC for extension. In another group that I follow, one person just posted a similar situation and the visa office in Ottawa replied with in 24 hrs. Apparently the email subject was marked/titled URGENT. CIC also approved the extension for passport submission

Email id:

Thought this information may be useful and hence sharing here.


is this email id you provided is the email id to which that person sent the email and got reply in 24 hrs?




I just got PPR yesterday. After 5 months of submitting the application. The status message got updated to your back ground check has started and then I saw the request letter in my portal.


@knighthood83 congrats!!


Can you share when you got the status updates in sequence?



Does that mean you got the status updated really on the same day of receiving PPR ?