Background Check taking more time than usual


Order GCMS notes for clarity if you haven’t already. I ordered mine today. Let’s see. Been 4.5 months since AOR.


Yes on myimmitracker I am observing that applications especially where country of residence is USA are taking almost 6 months or more. This wasnt the case around 2017 when most applications would complete within 3 months or so. And trends are very random so its still difficult to identify a pattern.


Almost 5 months and still waiting… I called and spoke to their agent too. After a long waiting, they just confirmed the e-mail address and phone number that I have on file, and the agent just said you are well within the 6 month time frame and they will send a message if there is update.
Didnt get to know anything extra :expressionless: :frowning:

One more thing that I noticed on myimmitraker that alot of September applications have started receiving PPR, which is making me little worry as I submitted mine mid of August


@s.sam Were you able to ask them whether you had passed the eligibility? And are you in iP2 stage?


Application submitted in July, 2018. 6 months over and i am still waiting for the background check to start. The only update in my account is passing the medicals. We ordered GCMS notes and it mentions R10 ok and all the other things like A11.3 , score etc was reviewed by analyst. Everything looks okay in GCMS.
I am not sure if our application is IP1 or IP2?
Has there been cases where there were no regular updates in the cic account and the only update was the PPR mail? I read it somewhere that it depends upon office to office whether they want to update the account more frequently or not. Anyone in similar siuation or any comments?


Well, we have been in IP2 for 6 months now and 9 months since AoR. I have been on other forums and noticed some people go into IP2 multiple times while some people get PPR without their status ever changing after medicals passed. GCMS notes don’t really help a whole lot especially when you see there are no issues mentioned anywhere. It’s just a waiting game!


our application has been moved to ndvo, and on checking delhi IM says its in review with an officer.
My cic account displays the following message next to background check field “your application is in progress, we will let you know when we start your background check”
Is it IP1 or IP2?


That would be IP1.


Well i am also already 8 months… Don’t see any reason for such a long wait but there is nothing much we can do…

Can u please confirm one thing that if u dont get copr letter within 1 yrs from the medical date…how does it work because most of the ppl who get ppr and copr letter it’s mentioned to travel before 1 yr from the date of medicals.

My 1 year for medicals will wrap up on 22nd Feb


thanks @mrandmrs


I am not sure about it but from what I have read elsewhere, if the PPR was approved close to medical expiry, they usually extend the medical expiry date by a short window so that you don’t have to do the medicals again but that means you will need to move to Canada rather quickly. If the window is large, they might send a message and ask for the medicals to be redone. Our medicals are expiring in the first week of March so even we are keen to see what happens.


Thanks for ur revert… Well lets see basis medicals we are in the same boat… I believe some visa office is operating slowly because in immitracker i see very few applicants close to my aor date waiting for ppr…

By any chance do you know which visa office ur file is in…

Also after my medicals passed my background check shows status as background check in progress… Could never really figure out what is ip1 or ip2 and in which category i am in as of now.

It would be really kind of u if you could enlighten me a bit on this


ur on IP2

IP1 --> background not started
IP2 --> background in process


No, the agent was very straight forward and didnt provide any information outside the usual unfortunately and kept the phone in hurry.


@s.sam Try for GCMS notes then. I guess those notes might be able to give you more information. Let us know how it goes.


@sharmas.saurav hi So your 6 months time has crossed,I hope you have got PPR by now? is it?


From the last GCMS notes which we got, our file was in Ottawa.

As @sher.sfo mentioned, you are in IP2.


no we havent got the PPR , our background check hasn’t started yet.
don’t know how why its delayed so much.


Thanks a lot


That’s really strange…Did you order GCMS notes?? Anything specifically mentioned in it regarding BCG if you have ordered?