Bank documents procurement (in US) for express extry



I have a bank account in Chase and BOFA. Based on the understanding I have, following is the information we need for our bank statement:

  • list of all your bank (chequing and savings) and investment accounts, the account numbers, dates each account was opened and the balance of each account over the past six months,
  • list all outstanding debts, such as credit cards and loans,
  • be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution, and include your name and the contact information of the financial institution (address, telephone number and e-mail address).

Is there a way that we can get this information online or we have to go to the branch to get this information?

Any insight on this is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all your help.


I got the document by messaging chase bank on their support email. They send the instructions and you can then get the docs by fax


Good to know that. Thanks a lot for your response.


I went to BOFA branch and requested ‘reference letter’ showing 6 months average balance.
It takes 2 business days.


Thanks a lot for the information! It is indeed helpful


For the credit card statements, you can just download them from the Chase/BofA accounts directly. For the checking/savings accounts, send an email through support and they usually email/fax the required letters.


Thanks a lot! It is indeed helpful


Just a request: we have a thread for financial documents. Please post in an ongoing thread that way all questions and answers pertaining to a certain topic can be in one place.


I will keep that in mind. Often I find those posts to be locked. Can you please guide me? Thanks