Can a person (with Non-PNP) do soft landing in any state in Canada?

I have a Non-PNP Express entry application in process. My question is - Can I do a soft landing in any state in Canada or it has to be in Toronto because I said in my PR application that Toronto is my first choice? Please guide. Thanks!

You can land anywhere. Probably not in Quebec, I heard they have some other rules/requirements.

I have same query… i am pnp candidate from saskatchewan and with current resteivtion on flight… i want to cross border by land and come back… so just wondering if I cn go to rainbow bridge for activating my PR… is there sny linkn cic which talks about the same…

The previous question was related to non-PNP candidate. Yes, non-PNP candidate land anywhere except Quebec, what I understand.

I am not sure about PNP candidates though.
Note: I can see why the province would want the applicant to land and stay in that province, because the applicant received PNP from that province after all.
There’s no concept of soft or hard-landing in IRCC’s book.
For officers, it does not matter if one plans to stay or return. If the rule book says PNP candidate needs to land on specific province, I guess that’s what it is.