Can I reschedule flight for approved PRTD and Letter of Authorization?

Hi Everyone,

My PRTD has been approved and received Letter of Authorization with
No. of entries: 1
Expiry date: 01/23/2021
Itinerary: 10/31/2020

Can I reschedule the flight for later date and get new Letter of Authorization ?

Hello @andoju,

I don’t have an answer to your question.
However, I’m in a similar situation and recently applied for the PRTD online.

Did you apply for a PRTD through email?
How long did it take for you to receive the Letter of Authorization?
Were you required to submit passports to get the PRTD?

Thanks in advance.

hi @nbhide

Yes, applied for PRTD through email, it took 3 weeks for approval.

Should provide booked flight ticket for letter of authorization, it took another 2 days.

Passport submission is not required at the moment because of covid.

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Thanks for providing the details, @andoju.
Did you end up rescheduling the itinerary or went with the same authorization letter?

went with original travel plan