Can I submit IELTS Academic score for my spouse in Express Entry application

Hello, I am Akanksha and am applying for Express Entry. I know its not necessary to submit dependants IELTS score but my husband has IELTS Academic score. Can I use that?
If I dont use his score, my points are 459?
What should I do, Can I use his academic score? If not, is it a good idea to move ahead with 459 score.

Canada only accepts General Training IELTS scores and not Academic IELTS scores. This draw was quite high with 470. Reason being there was a long gap. Scores will be back yo hovering around 450s. I would say just go ahead with 459. You will surely get an ITA in next few draws.

As already said, you cannot use academic IELTS score for Express Entry applications.
459 is a good score considering current cut-off scores. You will get ITA soon with that score.
Good luck!!

Thank you