Canada PR specifications photo in Pittsburgh

Hello Everyone,

We’re looking for places where we can take photos as per specifications for permanent residency. The 50mm by 70mm variant.

We checked in Costco at Robinson township and they said it’s the only size they don’t do. Any other recommendations in Pittsburgh for the same?

I’m currently in the process of adding my spouse to my PR application and one of the documents they are requesting is to upload a photo of her as per the above specifications. If anyone has faced this situation could you tell us what you did about it? Will really appreciate any help.


Here’s an easy way:

You’ll have to take a picture and/or scan one and upload. Crop it according to the specifications, and this website will create a 2x2 grid of 4 photos, 5x7 cm each. You’ll have to pay $5 to actually download it watermark-free.

Then you can crop and upload it (if online), or print it on a 4x6 inch photo paper and cut it.

However, you will have to get the stamp from the studio as per specifications, if you’re sending it for PR card or PPR. Ask the studio if they’re OK to give the stamp after you get the softcopy from them and print it.