Changing marital status for EE


I created my profile for EE when I was single and now I got my ITA.
After my ITA I got married (my husband is PR).
Should I change my status as married now and will this affect my points?

If you’re husband is a PR living in Canada it will be faster if he sponsors you, but it’s your call.

If you still want to go through EE, you need to inform IRCC (I would suggest that you update EE profile if possible as well as send an inquiry through web form so that you’re in the clear). In your case since he’s a PR as well I don’t think your score will be impacted, but I would check again just to be sure using the CRS calculator. Thus losing the ITA doesn’t look like a risk.

Normally you need to upload police clearance and medical results for non-PR accompanying spouses; not sure what they would ask for PR spouses such as in your case.

I would ask these questions to IRCC through web form so that
a) you’ve done your due diligence
b) know exactly what documents etc are needed.

Thank you for your reply.

I checked and my score is not impacted.

I was trying to change my marital status from single to married but the system did not allow me. Does it mean I have to decline this invitation and wait for another one? I have only 454 points and feel that it will be really hard to get another invitation. :sob:

Yes, he can sponsor me, but I think that process takes 8-12 month. So we decided to apply through EE just to make it faster.

  1. Ask IRCC through web form before you decline anything. They usually reply within 5 days.

With a PR spouse I’m guessing you’re getting 14 or so points more ?

  1. Spousal sponsorship Outland took my wife 4.5 months from application to PR visa (I was the sponsor). Note that processing time can also vary on where the sponsored applicant is located (eg India vs US May some impact). Also, the sponsor has to be living in Canada at the time of application.