Changing marital status on application after request for passport

Hi All,

I have Canadian PR through Express Entry since Dec 2018, and I got married to my husband in November 2019. Since I already had the PR before, and would have had to move to Canada alone before being able to sponsor him as a dependent, we decided to apply though EE for him individually, and started the process in the second half of last year. Everything was going smoothly and the estimated date of completion for his PR was April 2020. In March of this year he got the request for passport, and that email mentioned that he should inform IRCC about any change in marital status. Since we had (meanwhile) gotten married, we informed them of the change, and also the fact that I am not a dependent, since I have my own PR (which we sent a copy of). However, since then we have followed up several times through the IRCC web form and gotten the standard reply that things are being delayed due to COVID-19, and to wait it out. His online profile shows the status of application as 100% complete. We tried to find out about the status through the IRCC online tool as well, but his application cannot be found on the system using the UCI number. As the last attempt to find out what is happening, since this is all a black box for us now, we have requested to get the GCMS notes.

I should add, to maintain my PR status we would have to move by sometime next year. Also, his medical exam was done in November 2019, so we would have to complete landing before then (which I am aware they aren’t allowing right now).

I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, or has any suggestions regarding what else we can try (other than just waiting it out).

Yes, if you follow this thread - Passport Return from CPC Ottawa - you can see many of us had these delays.

I sent mine in March and got passport back around June/July. Some of them got it even later than me.

As to travel before CoPR expiry…

Saw in a few forums and chat groups that IRCC is also giving electronic CoPR if the current one expired and unable to travel due to COVID.

From multiple forums, I have seen that folks have gotten a (generic?) response from IRCC advising them of writing back to IRCC when the applicant(s) are able to travel.