Changing WIfe's family name in all proofs will be a problem?

Hi Friends,

I have a plan start processing the PR + VISA for me and my Wife. She has her family name in her educational certificates, all government proofs and passport. I have a plan to change her family name to my family name in the all government proofs as well as passport (Not sure it will be possible or how long will it take). It will be any problem for the VISA processing, since her certificates has different family name? It will be a problem in future if she wants to work in Canada?

Please give your suggestions or feedback.


First of all why would you change her family name into yours and delete all the records of her name? That is her past and that is her family and is important to keep the identity of one person.

I do not know regardint the visa problem if this would be an issue, but you have to consider if she keeps your name everywhere, should you encounter any legal / fiscal problem with a foreign country this may affect your wife and kids as well since they all will be carrying your name. I am telling you this from my personal experience. Strategically but also morally I will advice you to let her keep her name, don’t look now see at the future.

Thank you Husna. I have decided to not to change anything from her family name.

It would be great if you have any tips for me to clear the IELTS exam.


I have already changed my name after marriage. Now, my name in all education documents, bank account is different from my Passport. How to proceed further with EE?


Do you have a name change certificate? I think you can provide that as a proof. When you do education validation you can provide name change certificate allowing them to validate and provide you a report.

I have marriage certificate as proof

That should suffice. You should ask WES if they can state anything in reference to the name change. That way the documents match.

But yes, marriage certificate can be used as a proof for name change. You might need to get a few notarized copy if asked.

Ok…thnx alot for the information

No problem. But do check with WES and CIC to see what they need.

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