Completed soft landing and retuned to US

Yesterday I completed my soft landing in Fort Francis and returned back to US via International falls using AVR. Happy to answer any questions !

We plan to do the same. We have to go to India immediately after doing the soft landing ng. We are planning to get our stamping done in Canada and go to India and then come back later via USA to move permanently. We are thinking to apply gor PRTD. What is the best option?

Hello, what questions did US immigration ask? And does AVR apply in air travel too?

If you are moving to Canada via USA, you may not require PRTD. You can use the COPR and the passport stamping IF you are entering via land.

They asked whether I am with same employer as expired stamping (I was not) and asked when I started the new job. No other questions. I believe AVR is applicable for air travel too but I travelled via land

i am planning to do the same via peace arch in blaine. can you please let me know whether they asked for PCR test while doing soft landing ?


You need PCR test for Canada. After Nov 8th you would need the negative test for USA too but antigen test is also accepted (I went prior to this date)