Confused about Application

Hello everyone,

I’m a CEC inland applicant. Applied for EE

My timeline is
ITA: Sept 17,2019
AOR: Oct 18,2019
MEP: Nov 14,2019
Ghost Update: Feb 17,2020
No update after that
background check says: we are processing your background check. We will send you a massage if we need more information. (I’m not sure whether it’s ip2 or 1)

I tried calling CIC 2 times after the ghost update. In first call the agent told me. It’s because your application has been touched. Your medical and criminality have been passed. Security is in process.
I called them again after 2 days to ask about Eligibility. The agent replied: Eligibility is under Review Required. However, he didn’t not explain why it’s Review Required? Also, he told me your medicals and criminality have been passed. Security check is yet to start.
2 different replies from 2 different agents about security check.
I’m really LOST, where my application is going. I’ve been reading different web forums some web forms say after ghost update, ppr mail comes in a week or two. Now, I’m in third week nothing from them. On the other side, some say Review Required cases may take up to a year to reach at the final stage.
Need experts suggestions.

Thank you

To get detailed info about your application, order GCMS notes.

Yes, getting GCMS notes is better way to know what’s going on with your application. But, based on the timeline, it’s not been too long to be worried. Generally applications are taking 7-8 months nowadays…

Technically, your application can take 6 months to process (practically, 4 - 8 months to show any progress). As far as your application processing is concerned, you can relax.
I think criminality and security are two steps during your eligibility check; dont quote me on this, but I think criminality is checking whether you’re a criminal and security is to check if you’re a threat to the nation. If you’re a normal person you can relax, these can take a month or two to process. Once that is done or even while it’s in process and since your medical is passed, you should expect a PPR any time now.
Don’t give too much weightage to the ghost updates, look out for the Ready for Visa email from cic.

Thank you guys for your reply. I really appreciate it. Today I’ve received a request to submit my passport. My application has been finished in 4 months and 20 days. Yet to receive CoPR though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.