Continuing PR process post pregnancy

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping I can get a clear answer for this one from this wonderful community.
My wife just delivered a baby and we had submitted our PR application before the delivery with a ‘Pregnancy Deferral Letter’ since she could not take the x-ray.
Now that application is submitted how do I let the IRCC know that my wife completed the x-ray so that they could resume our PR application ?


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Raise a case specific inquiry and ask them to let you add your baby. They will add a link under your dependent section again. Upload baby’s birth certificate and passport copy.

Pregnancy during the Pre AOR / Post ITA Preparations:

Since you and your spouse are required to have a medical exam part of which is an X Ray. You will be asked whether you want to get it done or delay it, the other parts of the medical exam have to be undertaken as normal. Most doctors advise against it however it is your own choice as to how you approach this.

If you don’t get the X Ray done - you will be provided with a pregnancy deferral letter which is a document you need to upload with the medical information sheet to your CIC account.

Having the Baby Pre AOR:

If you have the baby Pre AOR - it is, you are required to disclose him/her as part of the application in the Letter of explanation

So if your delivery date is before but close to the ITA deadline such that you will not be able to gather 1) Birth Certificate 2) Passport for the child, get the AOR ASAP!

This is because, if you are unable to provide the documents, you will not be able to file the application and if you don’t disclose the child that will be construed as misrepresentation.

Have filed the AOR & had your baby:

There is no hurry (Don’t take too long though unless it can be justified somehow)

Now that you feel ready to start working towards PPR, you should go get the X Ray done. The process is the same where you have to take an appointment informing them of the deferral. You also have to take your baby with you for his/her medical.

To get the medical for the baby done you need to:

  1. Open a CSE where you inform CIC of the LO (Little One)
  2. Passport

Additional document required by CIC for filing application:

  1. Birth Certificate

Once you open the CSE to add your baby :

Try to get the documentation ready before you do this. Normally, a CSE takes a week to get a response and they give you 30 Days to gather all the documents.

In some cases it may not be possible to gather all the documents in 30 days due to the bureaucratic structure of the government organizations so you may want to open the CSE once you have had some lead time but again don’t take too long.

Once you have gotten a response to the CSE:

1)They might request you to add the above mentioned documents for your baby, Little one (LO).
2)Request to fill IMM0008 Form - which is basically the complete application

3)Request you to fill IMM5406E Form - which is the additional family information form.
4)Request for medicals to be done for the baby - process for which is exactly the same as getting your own medical done.

Disclaimer: Request for documents and additional forms might differ, please exercise your judgement and read the request from CIC carefully.

Please thank this community then :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton @akel for such a detailed explanation !
That really helps me understand the complexities of a seemingly easy process.
I am still getting familiar to the acronyms of Canadian immigration so please don’t mind my naïve questions here.
So I did submit my PR application before the delivery (by attaching a deferral letter) and that puts me in your second category which is “Have filed the AOR & had your baby:”.
Two weeks after the delivery my wife took the x-ray today which was pending but I haven’t opened any Case Specific Inquiry yet as I believe baby’s passport still take about 4-6 weeks from now.
Your suggestion of waiting to get some lead time on baby’s passport process makes sense but my question is will IRCC see that as misrepresentation when they receive my wife’s medical reports and they do not see a case specific inquiry from my side yet regarding adding my newborn ?

Thanks again for your response!