Credit report from Equifax / Transunion

All - This is a great forum and has answers to so many questions. I am planning to move soon. I wanted to ask how to go about checking your credit history. I got SIN and opened canada bank account 2 years back. When I am trying to check my credit history, the form asks for recent canadian address. I am confused.

  1. Do I put canadian address I used when opening bank account as current address to check credit history ?
  2. Or, I should rather move first, get a residential address and then check my credit history ?
    3 Or is there a third option ? (Note - I didn’t see the option of putting US address).

Any suggestions.

All - any thoughts ?

I don’t think your credit history will start with just bank account…
Did you open a credit card?

Hi - No. I didn’t open credit card.