CSE request needed or not! Please help

Hello friends,

I have submitted my application on November 28th 2018 and received AOR on the same day. I have doubts regarding my personal history and Proof of Funds. I was on H-1B status couple of years ago in US. This employment is not part of my work history and i am not claiming any points for it. My I-94(admitted stamp) and Visa was valid till Jan 16th 2017. I returned to my home country(India) on the same day (Jan 16th, 2017) voluntarily(on my own). My FBI PCC is clear with no records found. However for the last 5 months of my H-1B, i was looking for consulting jobs and was unemployed(unpaid). I was not given any notice/documentation by either USCIS or my employer about my visa being valid or cancelled. In schedule A form under personal history, i mentioned i was unemployed and looking for job for that time (5 months), but in status field, i mentioned i was on H-1B. Did i misrepresent here? I put in H-1B because, my H-1B visa and I-94 admitted stamp was valid till Jan 16th 2017. Should i send a cse and explain this situation or can i ignore as this is not part of my work history?

Also in the proof of funds, my bank provided me a certificate did not have average balance listed, however i included a gift deed notary affidavit from my father, scan copy of cheque used by my father for source of funds and also the last 6 months bank statements. Will this suffice or should i need to send average balance as an CSE?

Also in letter of explanation, i briefly summarised my profile and included my FSW and CRS scores snapshot tables. I have only continuous full-time experience of more than 2 years in my primary NOC and rest of my full time experience is accumulated under multiple NOC’s and my total experience in the last 10 years will be more than 4 years. I thought FSW points is calculated for continuous experience only and used 11 points(2 to 3 years) in the table for work experience instead of 13 points for my 4 years experience. Will this cause any problem and should i raise a CSE or can i ignore it?

I have done my MS in USA, and included my WES ECA along with diploma and student issued transcript. However, i included only the front page of transcript which has grade point average and courses studied and did not attach the back page, which has only generic information about GPA. Should i attach the 2nd page which is generic as a CSE or it’s not required?

Please advise guys, and appreciate your help!