Cumulative work experience calculated by profile is by months worked

I have applied for federal skilled worker and I worked for 2 employers. With first employer, I have worked from Mar 2016 to April 2017. With second employer I have worked from June 2018 to current date (Mar 2020).

When I just calculate the experience with months worked, I was able to get the cumulative of 36 months. Whereas if I calculate the exact date, 1st employer( 24th Mar 2016 to 7th April 2017), 2nd employer (21st June 2018 to 1st Mar 2020), I am only getting 33 months.

Now my express entry profile shows the score for 3 years experience. If suppose I get an ITA in next round of invitation, should I go ahead and accept or wait until May 2020, to get total 36 months of experience by dates worked.