Cumulative Work Experience for FSW

Hello Everyone,

I live in France , Now planning to move to canada.

for Work experience I got few questions…

  1. Paid Internship(35+hrs/week) as a web Developer for 6 months during final semester in my master’s in paris can be considered as Work Experience for FSW?

  2. from Feb 2020 - May 2020 I had full time job (35+ hrs/ week) as a web developer can be cumulated to work experience?

3.I started new job from February2021 - if Both 1 and 2 are possible its like 6+4 months = 10 months… the remainig 2 months can be cumulated from current job and can I show it as 1 year of cumulated work experience?

  1. if 1 and 2 are not possible… should I have to have 1 year of continous job ?

Thanks in advance,
Sampath kumar.

Hi There, I recommend that you create a profile on express entry and there they tell you for which programs you can apply. and in some sections they tell you to use work experience while studying or not.