Did not submit 'Goods to follow' when soft-landing. What now?

I didn’t know about the Goods to follow form when I completed by soft-landing process back in March 2020. I am now closer to make a move permanently from the US to Canada.

What is the implication of not having submitted the ‘Goods to follow’ form on:

  1. My 2016 Toyota Corolla (Now worth ~$11,000 USD)
  2. Personal valuables: laptops, phones, musical instruments etc.

@spai asked this question a while ago and the response they got was to carry the GTF FB4 form next time they arrive in Canada. So as long as I carry the declaration when I am actually bringing things in, is it okay? (Okay in the sense of not being taxed?)


following up on this question…I asked many people online…The consensus was to carry the form with the list the next time you go.We plan to make a trip just with the form and then make a final trip with our stuff. That would give us a buffer incase the form isn’t accepted.

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That sounds like a high-risk high-rewards type of deal. Your first visit will at least be 2 weeks due to the mandatory quarantine though, right? Or will you simply turn around and catch the next flight back or drive back?


Planning to stay for 2 or 3 weeks to explore some neighborhoods and then drive back.

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