Distance Learning accepted by WES or other bodies?

I am the primary applicant and my husband is secondary applicant. I have done my Masters and I am below 30 is the advantage, However, my work experience is not much, whereas on other side my husband has got more work experience but he is above 30 and does not have a post graduation degree.
So he was planning to do distance MBA learning for a year. He thought of doing it through Symbiosis, However, we see its not recognized by WES. I assume and was trying to search other bodies like ICAS and IQAS might accept distance learning.

Can anybody help me with this or as to what can we do or should do now. Our CRS is 403 with me being primary applicant and with husband CRS is 417, but if we should Masters then it reached 446

What is ur IELTS score? If ur current score is less than 8777 (8 in listening, 7 in the other 3) then ur score will be low. But if u get a score of 8777, u will get a jump of 50 points. If the secondary applicant also writes, thts another 20…

Thank you for your response.

My Husband score is 8777 but my score is little lesser with Band 7.5, L- 7.5, R-6, W- 7 and S-8.5

So that’s what u need… If u score 8777 u will be at 453. Write IELTS again and again till u get the score. That’s what we did…

sure, will go for it