Does getting a job offer impact the PR processing timeline?


My PR application is currently processing. It has been about 3 months since I submitted all the documentation including my transcript evals from WES, Police verifications, health check up etc.
So far the process has been smooth, and hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before I am approved.

I am currently in talks with a company for a job in Toronto. I wanted to inquire if getting a job offer impacts the timeline for PR processing? Does it push my application to the top of the pile or something?
It would be great to have an accurate estimate of the time, to tell the company.

Appreciate the help!


No it doesn’t; usually takes about 4 months on average to get PPR.

okay thank you. Appreciate the prompt response.

One more question - is there a certain amount of time taken by the background check section of the processing? I seem to have gotten through the rest of the checks, but the background check hasn’t started yet or there hasn’t been any update seen on my profile with regard to the BC.

When was your eAOR Date? And whats your BG status right now?

What is eAOR?
Currently my BG status says that my app is in progress and they’ll let me know when they start my BC.

When did you submit your application?

submitted all docs with PR app. on June 18th.

Is your country of residence US?

Yes. But I’m an Indian citizen

I always thought that Indian Citizens residing in the US tend to get their PPR requests within two months as per the recent trend.

Yeah I was under that impression too. That’s why I’m surprised. I just wrote to them yesterday to check on my status, but I don’t know if they will respond since it is still within ‘normal processing times’.

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