Duration between filling express entry profile and moving to Canada

Dear all,

I just want to understand the expected duration between filling the express entry profile and moving to Canada. Assuming everything goes fine here.
What could be the minimum and maximum duration here?


Hi Puneet,

It really depends, but CIC processes most applications within 6 months (see here for more info: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/next_steps.asp).

However, this is for your complete application (not just profile), and being invited to apply after submitting your profile can take a few weeks to months depending on your initial score. The minimum is probably 4-5ish months if things go very smoothly, but there is no maximum if you don’t have a high score or don’t submit the applications properly.

Best of luck!


Thanks @anon28902228 :slight_smile:

One more question. After getting PR, a person must move to Canada immediately or can he/she wait for sometime before moving there?


You have to claim your PR status by landing in Canada within a year from getting PR. After which you will receive your PR cards by mail (To a Canadian Address). You will need your PR card if you wish to fly into Canada. The only other alternative is to drive in with just your landing confirmation document.

You have to live in Canada for 2 years out of 5 to keep your PR and 3 out of 5 to be eligible for citizenship.

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This sounds fantastic. I think I can start my process now :slight_smile: Thanks again @anon25417004

Considering you have a good enough CRS score, it should take a maximum of one month to get invited to apply for a PR. And you get 90 days to submit all the documents after that. Once you submit your documents, the best case time line is 60-90 days and worst case is 180 days for you to get your landing permit upon which you ll be issue a PR card.


Here’s my timeline:

  1. Oct end: Gave IELTS, score arrived in two weeks
  2. Nov-mid: Submitted EE profile.
  3. Nov-end: Got ITA based on CRS score
  4. January end: submitted all required documents (Medical, ECA’s PCCs, you name it)
  5. Mid-March: Received notification that application was “Canceled” :disappointed_relieved: :cry: because Bachelors degree was counted but ECA not submitted. Bummer! :persevere:
  6. April: Submitted ALL documents again including the missing ones
  7. August-mid: Got PPR! :smiley: but no “decision made” :thinking:
  8. August-end: Online status changed to Approved, also got the Passport with CoPR and visa :star_struck:
  9. September: Did my “landing” and became a PR

One small correction here: You have to move to Canada before your PR visa expires, but the expiry date on your PR visa will be you medical exam expiration date (one year after you take the exam), or passport expiry date, whichever comes first.

See above for my answer.

Did you have any canadian experience or canadian relative or canadian education?

As i read somewhere last cutoff or lowest cutoff till now has been 434… so I am wondering how do we get score of 400+ without any of these… Please suggest.


I have US education (PhD, MS) and Indian education (B.E.), and US and Indian work experience.

Your IELTS, age, education, work experience all count towards your score. You can use the crs score calculator that’s given on the CIC website for a rough estimate of how much you might score.

Thanks for reply. So what was your CRS score or IELTS score… Because i figured out that even with minimum 7 band max possible is 425-430… I assume you had band 8+ for each section of IELTS then :slight_smile:

Does Distance Education count… My husband has B.E. but then he did distance MBA …not sure if we should show it… I have M.Tech. from India but i can not be primary applicant for PR as i don’t have experience in IT… I was a lecturer in Engineering college… Any idea if they will accept Lecturer NOC code experience?

IELTS 8.5 in all sections. CRS was 490+

Try the CRS score calculator (it’s a simulator) and see the estimate for both of your profiles. Whichever one is higher should be (will be) primary applicant (assuming you are applying together).

You get more points if you have a Masters vs only a Bachelors. As long as you can get an ECA for a Masters degree it doesn’t matter whether is a distance MBA or anything else.


Thank you for reply…
Someone told me there should not be any GAP in work to be primary applicant…
I last worked in 2014, so can I be still primary applicant.

Also, although I have M.Tech but lecturer experience certificate I have currently for 2y8m and I may get 6 months more experience certificate from one previous college where i taught but did not bother to get certificate… Thus that can put me in requirement of minimum of 3 years experience. Should I?

Hi @srhere. As @avj mentioned, there are a number of factors which decide your score. Use the CRS simulator and check how much the score differs if you are the primary applicant versus your husband being the primary applicant. I did this too and found that me being the primary applicant gave a higher score than my husband.

I am not sure what the NOC code for a lecturer is so can’t comment on whether it would be better for you to apply as primary applicant but it is a good idea to gather all your experience certificates and have them ready. Gap in employment does not matter when applying.


Some other questions on this forum has already answered this (The How to … post I think).

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Hi avj,
When you say application cancelled? What does it mean did you have to reapply and pay the fees again?
Also we are in the same boat. My husband has got ECA for master degree from uk but when creating EE profile he added bachelors degree as well with no ECA provided option. We have got the invitation now. Should we remove bachelors altogether from the education tab? We tried doing it and recalculated the points fron ‘Preview your score’ it still stay the same. Can you please guide us.

Remove Bachelors, only keep the highest degree (unless you already have ECA for bachelors as well).

No we don’t have Eva for his bachelors. We have now applied for it though after realising that we shouldn’t have included in the education tab in the first place when creating profile. So we will raise a cse and submit the ECA whenever we will receive it. My question is would it matter to remove bachelors degree post ITA as the points are still unaffected. We also can’t put it in the personal section as it’s more than 10 yrs ago when he did it.