Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) for all degrees?

Post 1 month applying to WES, my case was kept on hold last week as they want my 4 year B-Tech certificates too which was from India. When I called WES, they asked me to send a message from their contact page requesting to remove bachelor’s degree details from my WES account and I did send them a message. But today the same WES sent a mail saying “Applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma for evaluation, must also provide bachelor’s degree and WES cannot complete an evaluation without these documents. The only exceptions where your bachelor’s degree documents are not required are: Master of Education, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, and Master of Technology.”

This is strange, where WES is requesting doc’s differently from person to person and not sure why USA Master of Science degree isn’t added to their list of exceptions.

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Try another agency concurrently (BCIT, Univ. or Toronto etc.) and see what they say.

Thanks for posting this. Hopefully people will read his before submitting Docs to WES.

What is the timeline for getting only Masters degree from US evaluated compared to getting both Master and Bachelors ( India ) evaluated ?

Depends on how slow the Indian university is in mailing the transcript. Otherwise it’s almost the same.

Thanks for the information

Hi Harsha,

Did you get any response from other agencies? Did they also asked about your bachelor degree.


Guys I have MS/MBA from US and Be from India. Do i need to submit transcripts for both or just my highest degree (which is from US) ?
I have the transcripts with me for my BE but i dont think i can get my college in India to send them to WES :frowning:

For WES evaluation only MASTERS degree is required when done from USA
However in case of MASTERS from INDIA, both masters and bachelors are required by WES.

U can just attach ur Bachelors degree in ur LOE as an additional document.

Go though other threads on this website, to clear ur doubts

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I don’t think you get additional points for multiple Masters degree.

Hello gadaakhil,
What makes you think so? Do you or anyone you know have 2 masters degrees and got both evaluated by WES? Did you/they not get extra points for second masters?

Thats because level of education would still be masters? Irrespective of number of degrees.

thank you, that is my understanding from the express entry website, but do you know of anyone who was in a similar position?