Educational Evaluation Married Couples


I am Bachelors in Technology and Primary Applicant would definitely need Educational Evaluation.

2 questions here -

  1. How about my spouse who is secondary applicant, she is Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration?
  2. Does that mean I have to create 2 WES Profiles?


An ECA for spouse is not required but if you do it then you will get extra points. Considering your wife has a masters degree it will help your application.

Only the highest degree matters and should be submitted to WES not any previous ones in your wife’s case its her masters degree.

Yes you will need to create two profiles and have two separate reference numbers.
WES Canada - There are no joint applications.


Hello Vik,

My wife has B.Tech and M.E.In your answer I get that we need to get ECA only for her masters.But do we need to get transcript from her Indian University for both Bachelors and Masters or only Masters will be enough?


This is what WES says on their required documents page.

For applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip (12+3+2) for evaluation. For all applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip earned on top of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree (12+3+2), you must also provide your Bachelor’s degree documents. WES cannot complete an evaluation without these documents.

Also for Mumbai, Goa and Gujart universities there are some specific instructions.

WES Required Documents

On side note you can check her’s and your degree equivalency with this WES tool for free.

Degree Equivalency Tool