EE: Same Company Multiple Designation Multiple Countries

Hello All,

I have been the same company for past 13 years.
Work experience [all in same company]:

  • First 4.5 years in India : NOC code 2174. 1 Promotion

  • Next 7 years in US: NOC code 2173. 2 Promotions

  • Past 1.5 years in Canada [NOC code 2173]

In my case, how many entries should I make in work history?

  • 3 (one for each country), Or
  • 2 (One for each NOC code), Or
  • 4 (One for each designation)

Also, Will a single reference letter work in my case?

You get maximum points for 3 years of non-Canadian experience, so that US job should suffice. You should create separate entry for the Canadian experience (I’m guessing you’re applying under CEC?).

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