Electrical/Power Systems Enginners/Canadian P.Eng. License

Is anyone aware about the process to transfer US P.E. license to Canada?
Or one has to give the P.Eng. exam from scratch?

What is P.E license could you expand on that?

It is Professional Engineering license

Sorry for my ignorance but this is related to real engineering :grinning: correct not software? You need a license to call yourself an engineer in Canada and there is a body that governs that. Check with them.

Hi hmparikh1990,

You cannot transfer US PE license to get the equivalent P.Eng License in Canada. You will have to apply again to the respective province board and they will issue you a Peng license.

Canadian boards do not recognize US EIT (FE exam) and PE exam.

Hope this helps.


I was searching to check if US experience is valid in Canada or not, and came across the P.E stuff. Although I’m not a P.E yet, but if you are a P.E in Texas then you are in luck. Canada has an agreement with Texas State Board and so if you’re a PE in TX you can be PE in Canada from what I remember…Google it and you will see that agreement…not sure about other states though

@imjun Awesome. That’s what I was looking for! Thank you so much.

@imjun I am not aware of the agreement with Texas board. I have mine from Texas and I was hoping to get it transferred to the APEGA. They replied with an email saying they do not consider it but while filling out the application they want me to mention it. I am assuming that way I will not have to take the engineering tests again. Just the laws and ethics exams.

@hmparikh1990 Good luck for PENG. Keep us posted on updates.

I got the a presentation from TBPE website about NAFTA. It doesn’t help a lot but it seems there is a way. https://engineers.texas.gov/temporary_international_licensure.htm#canada
Let us know if you get any success. That will help us.

@hmparikh1990 Thanks for that. I will try to see if this works.

Couple of questions for you guys:

  1. Are you in Power Systems?
  2. Are you guys in process of moving over? Or already in Canada?
  3. Can you share your experience but job hunting specifically in power systems if any?
  4. Any experience on geographical locations which have higher jobs?

@hmparikh1990 No I am a structural engineer.

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