Elementary schools in Vancouver area

Can someone please give me information on elementary schools in and around the Vancouver area? I am planning to move in like 3 weeks and can’t figure out school and where to stay. Please help.

Did you get any information on this. Have you moved. We are moving next month to Vancouver and any info you may have would be helpful

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did you get any information.We are also looking for the same information.


Also I have heard there are very few schools in downtown Vancouver which is mostly apartment complexes as they were initially planned for families without kids but now families with kids have moved in and so there aren’t many schools. If you choose to live downtown you might not get a school in that vicinity. I have a friend who has moved from Vancouver to Toronto, she lived on Commercial Drive and her two boys attended school there. She speaks highly of that neighbourhood.

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Hi All,

Updating this thread with my findings.

Disclaimer: I have not lived in Vancouver.My findings are based on online research and conversations with a lot of people living in BC. Please feel free to add your own experiences.

1. BC board mandates the syllabus across all districts.So the content is the same , but quality might vary depending on the teachers and students.

2. West Vancouver and North Vancouver are considered to have the best public schools.But the real estate there is on the pricier side. The “best school” status is mainly attributed to good teachers and rich parents who can afford to invest in their time and money in their kids education . Secondary schools in these districts seem to have more IB classes than AP classes.

3. Burnaby and Coquitlam are also supposed to have very good schools.But some secondary schools in certain areas in these districts can be situated in unsafe areas (Again I don’t know how to identify "unsafe "areas).People mentioned looking at crime stats and house prices to weed out unsafe areas.But the main consensus was schools in "safe "areas in both these schools districts are extremely good. Both school districts have more AP classes than IB programs in secondary schools. Esp Burnaby school district has a lot of AP classes.

4. Vancouver School district is also very good. Again its subject to the same distinction of safe and unsafe areas as above. The other issue with Vancouver school district is wait-times. Some good schools schools may have 1 year wait-times and preference is given to siblings of kids already present in schools.And there seems to be a lottery system to assign schools to kids.

5. Wait-times are common in other schools districts as well ( including those mentioned above).So even if you live in front of a particular school, your kid might not get a spot if there is a wait-list. In such cases, a different school in the same district will be assigned to your kid and if a spot opens up they will let you know.You can then chose to switch schools or continue sending your kid to the school originally assigned.

6. Fraser Institute releases rankings for each school with each district. So its a good starting point https://www.fraserinstitute.org/school-performance.
But personally I wouldn’t rely too much on these rankings as they are based just on the standard test scores of students and in my opinion there are many confounding factors that are not considered in the assigning ranks. For instance kids of rich parents tend to score higher on these tests.But is it solely due to the schools efforts or also because they can afford to have private tutors. But again to each his own.

I dont have much information on other schools districts like New Westminster.

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Thanks for sharing your research.

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