Entering US by road after soft landing

Did anyone recently soft land by road and re-enter US by road after they closed the borders?

I’m on H1 and planning to soft land.

Wondering if I will have any trouble when I return back to US by road.


If have a valid I94 it should be fine. See i had a expiryoued F1 Visa and never left USA for H1B stamping. So the rule is as long as you have valid status the Visa does not matter as long as the trip to Canada is under 30 days. That is the Automatic Visa Revalidation. I was able to use this rule on Feb 22 2020 to successfully come back over the land border.

Now if your context is COVID-19 i think i saw some people in Whats App groups.

I advise you to join this. Or probably ask for extension when does your counterfoil expire ?