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I work for an Indian IT Company, my question is how do I get detailed experience letter from my current employer, wont I be asked why and wont mentioning PR affect the current Job prospects

Good question this crossed my mind too. You can say it is for visa purposes that you wish to travel abroad and the visa requirements include this letter. This is technically truthful.

My letter said

To Whom it May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to verify that [Full Name] is currently an active, full time employee of [Company Name]. [First Name] is employed with us as a [Job Title] and has been employed with us since [Job Start Date]. He is currently receiving an annual Salary of [Salary Amount]

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [Company Phone Number]

Best Regards


I just checked with one of the friends who recently moved to canada, he said he didnt needed experience letter at all from any of the current and previous employers. Is that true? or is its something new? Is it only for express entry?

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Your friend might have moved under some family based immigration process. With Express Entry “proof of work” is mandatory for all the jobs and for all the years of experience that you have claimed in the application.

Look at this page on the CIC website “Application completeness check for Express Entry”. Under “
Mandatory documents for all applicants” it says “Proof of Work”. You can click on it to reveal details.


A letter of reference or experience from the employer. This should be an official document printed on the company letterhead. It must contain:

  • The applicant’s name
  • The company’s contact information i.e. the address, the telephone number and the e-mail address
  • The details of the immediate supervisor or the personnel officer at the company i.e. the name, title and signature
  • The letter must specify all the positions held while employed at the company
  • It must also include the following details:
  • The job title
  • The job duties and responsibilities
  • The job status (if it is the current job)
  • The dates worked for the company
  • The number of work hours per week and,
  • The annual salary plus benefits

Hey … Your letter had just those 3-4 lines?
what about detailed role and responsibilities etc?

As pointed out, you can give the “visa” reason. Depending on your manager and company policy they may or may not give you the letter. It also depends what you think the company might think you are actually upto and whether you think this can affect your current position, as this thought crossed my mind as well when I was asking for letter from my current employer.

My case was slightly different than yours: I don’t work in India any more but I needed the letter from my former Indian IT employer. They flatly refused to give one :angry: . So I took reference letters from former supervisors from this company on blank paper, included all the offer letters, pay stubs, and resignation letters I could find that I had received from this company, and added a letter of explanation saying they refused to give one. And it went through! So just in case your company refuses this is another way you can go this way.


In express entry you need letters of experience if you are counting it towards your points.

In my case its possible that my employer Linkedin is a well known entity and a letter in their letter head stating that I was working in software engineer might have been enough for the office dealing with my file. End if the day the letter is the only thing that determines if you get those points and the office is looking to be convinced about its authenticity. So think of it from that perspective.

Thanks for the clarification. I too read on the Canadian govnt website that we must include job duties and responsibilities and have been spending some time back and forth. This helps!

@anon25417004 : I have offer letters, pay stubs and relieving letters from my previous employers, do you think it’s still necessary to get the experience letter done in the format specified? Won’t these documents suffice?

It’s better that you have the experience letters or Atleast give proof that you tried getting them but werent able to. It’s stated on the cic website that they need and experience letter (and pay stubs if you have them). If you are worried about current employer asking you questions, that’s understandable, I was in the same position; you have to find a way around it. There’s another post on this forum that deals with this specific question.


I have recently got a certificate of appreciation for completing 10 years with my Employer.Will that suffice as an experience letter for Express entry?

No you need a letter on the company letterhead stating all the details including - most importantly - job duties and responsibilities (this verifies the NOC code you use). See Proof of Experience

I have experience letters from all my companies but my 1st company is no longer exists. Will that be a problem for Express Entry prog

Get a letter from your former manager at the (former) company. Try to get it on his/her current company’s letterhead if possible, on a blank paper if not. One of my former company also no longer existed and I got a letter on his current letterhead, in a similar way. If you can’t get it on a letterhead, I’d suggest you add the explanation to your Letter of Explanation.

I have a service certificate dates in 2013 from my first company which is based back in India. The letter states the duration of my tenure and my role. Would that suffice? Or do I need something more detailed from my first employer?

My other employers are based in USA and I should be able to get an employment letter from them which should state the duration of tenure, job title.

Any thoughts on insights on this?

Include that service certificate (resignation acknowledgement?) as part of the reference letter for this job (assuming it has ALL details as requested on CIC website). But also try to get something from the former manager or HR, preferably on the company’s letterhead, that has all details as stated on CIC website. If they refuse to give it on letterhead, atleast get it on a blank paper with their signatures. If either of this is refused, atleast take a printout of the refusal emails and stick it in the letter of explanation.

Thanks, Anshul. That is my plan as well. I am reaching out to the HR back in India today. I have a friend who works there, and in the event the HR declines to provide it, I can get my friend to attest it as a colleague assuring that the duties outlined were carried out. Along with the supporting documentation regarding their decline to provide the letter in that format.

I am able to get letters electronically from both my past and current employers covering many of the points mentioned on that link. I think this is the norm with many companies these days - they have outsourced the experience letter generation part. So all you have to do is plug in some personal details and viola you have a letter!

Now this part is great - however, all of these letters are electronically signed. In this day and age, I don’t imagine that is a problem. However, have any of you had success with experience letters that are either:

  1. Electronically signed (no visible human signature) OR
  2. Copy of a letter with human signature (does CIC require experience letter originals).

Thanks in advance for your inputs! :slight_smile:

CIC needs all documents to be uploaded; none to be mailed to them unless you’re doing a mailed application instead of electronic application. The online copy (preferably color) of the signed letter should be fine.

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