Expired COPR and a missed opportunity

my PR application got approved in July 2019 and I received a final notice to send the Passports.
Unfortunately, at that time I was caught in an emotional dilemma. My first kid was born and he was too young, and I did a u turn of not proceeding further. I never responded to IRCC notice.

Now fast forward to 2021, I lost my US visa and ended up in India, and 2 years older (34 now).
I realized that I have taken moral high around instead of being practical.

When i apply for Canadian PR freshly, will the previous application counts as a negative remark- assuming somehow i am still able to get a ITA in future ??

are there any such cases you have heard of ? Appreciate your views.

Sorry to hear about your situation and thanks for sharing, I think this highlights why it’s extremely risky to put all your eggs in the American basket.

I wouldn’t classify not responding to IRCC as the moral high ground, I would call it rather poor and unprofessional. As a basic courtesy you should have at-least wrote to them to withdraw your interest. This applies to life in general, whether it’s an employment scenario where you find something better or otherwise. All it takes is a short note, theres nothing emotional about it.

That said, since you never became a permanent resident, you’ve not really violated any legal statutes. Your previous application expired, there’s nothing wrong with that. So please go ahead and start with a new application afresh. Don’t worry about the past, look forwards towards the future. All the very best for your new application.

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Perhaps try asking IRCC if they can still consider your already approved application as anyhow all the applications have been super delayed from last year.

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I agree. I should have behaved professionally explained to them and in that process may be i could have honored them taking some more time to decide.

Thanks for your note. I will give work towards it again looking to the future.

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Thank you. I asked a consultant and he said he is authorized with IRCC. He mentioned that I will have to submit a fresh application and if a new ITA comes, they may ask the reason for the last time why i did not submit the passports, and I would need to provide justification letter and that should suffice.

Anyhow, as per your suggestion, I submitted a webform and see what they say.

Congratulations, very happy to hear this.

Seize this opportunity with both hands and I wish you and your family the very best in Canada.

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Thank you for your wishes.

Hey I received the documents needed to submit for COPR. I have a question. I just moved from India (Hyderabad) to USA.

It mentioned that I should inform the Primary Office : Montreal Immigration office immediately about Change in Circumstances: Mailing Address. I am not sure how to do that.

the document mentioned about selecting a nearest VAC center near by and gave hyperlink relevant to India. Can I send the package to the nearest VFAC office in USA which is Newyork?

Please provide your suggestions.

Venkata Mujje