Expired COPR - Retake medicals - IRCC Passport request

We were approved COPR prior to March 18, 2020 which got expired last year. We recently got re-medicals request and completed that by Mar 2, 2021. We were expecting AL(Authorization Letter to travel with expired CoPR) but instead got PPR (passport request) - is this normal? I am worried that they are ignoring our existing COPR and issuing new CoPR which will end up being post-Mar 18, 2020!
Anyone else in same situation? What steps to ensure that we get AL as expected?

I wanted to update my post with my experience in case anybody had the same questions. After we got a request for Passport, we send them our passports and they sent us a new COPR. We were able to complete our soft-landing procedure with the new COPR (were not asked about the old expired COPR at any point).


We’re in a similar situation and we just sent our passports to get our renewed COPRs. How long is your “new” COPR valid for? Thanks.

That’s awesome! Congrats on officially becoming a PR!

I’ve read a few posts that mentioned folks did not get their PR card on soft landing. Did you have the same experience or were you able to successfully get your PR card on providing another person’s address?