Express Entry application timeline and CRS related questions


I read on WES that I can send it to WES provided that the enveloped is sealed , stamped or signed on the back flap. I will look into BCIT and other agencies.


Ok. The only question I have is whether, time-wise, the Indian university sending the transcript to you in the US and then you to WES will be any different than then sending it directly to the agencies other than WES.


I was thinking more on the lines of having somebody pick up the transcript from Indian university and speed post it to me here in the US. Speed post arrives within a week.


If WES (or other agencies) are OK with it, sure, why not.


Hi Anshul… We are getting a CRS score of only 347 or around. We are from India with no Canada education or job offer. Even if we take IELTS the score might not increase much. I am applying for jobs but no response from any of them. Is there any chance to get picked in the draws? What are our prospects of coming to Canada?


What’s your profile?

Also, I’d suggest going through the Readme posts, as some of them answer your questions New Member Guide - Read Me First


Hello there,

new to this forum and planning to start my application. i have following questions -

I am planning to apply as main application as my score is 492 on CRS and my spouse’s score is little less 468

I have a masters (MBA) from UK and Bachelors from India, going by the posts here, looks like i am only supposed to get ECA done for my masters as thats the one i will be using to score points, correct?

Though my husband will be coming as dependent, do i need to get his ECA done as well? he has done Bachelors from India - B.E. in IT

Does it matter what was your grade for the degree you choose to apply points for? I have completed my Masters but with ok grades, while i earned a distinction in my Bachelors. Even though i had better grades in bachelors, i think Masters is what i should show on my application - correct?


Should we both get IELTS (General) done or just me will be enough? although, my husband had recently got his IELTS (Academic) done - can we use the IELTS academic score?

Job Applications:

Since I am the main applicant, once we get the PR approved - do i have to travel first or can my husband travel first by himself and i join him later?
The reason i say this is because i currently have a job in US and he is finishing his masters. The plan is to let him looks for job first and move and then i leave my job.

Thank you.



How did you calculate CRS score for you or husband without IELTS?
Did you select 9 in for each of IELTS section as that CRS score is impressive or Seems you entered random score…

Anyways, Yes You have to have General Ielts for both…Academic IELTS will not work…

If you are adding your husband in EE profile then you both need ECA and IELTS…

ECA is preferably needed only for Masters… But better include Bachelors and Masters both in ECA as it will cost same.



yes, for IELTS I used the random average score of 7 overall and none for my husband.

I am adding my husband’s profile as spouse travelling with me. if i don’t use that option, i will still have to get his evaluation done when we apply for his visa at later stage?

The issue is - my husband’s university said he needs to come in person and get the documents required for the evaluation, they don’t send the documents via post. We are currently in US with no plans of visiting India.

Can i only apply for EE with my Evaluation only?

Since my Bachelors is from India, it might take few months before this gets done so i don’t want to use my bachelors if its not really needed in order to avoid any delays in process.


Its impossible to get CRS score of 492 with IELTS average score of 7 unless you have Canadian Education or Job Experience… Or perhaps you have someone in relation already PR Or citizen of Canada…or a Canadian job offer…

Its better to add spouse in application and get ECA and IELTS as it will give few more points for spouse…

TO get transcripts if your husband’s university needs someone to visit there… then i think doesn’t mean your husband… So ask some family or relative member to visit with the documents they need ( usually fees and DMC photocopies or inquire with them)…


Correct, i clicked a yes in one of the sections by mistake for canada experience. I re-calculated it - we are getting a score of 469 with average score of 8 in IELTS now. we are aiming to get 8 at least in IELTS for both me and my husband so prepping for it now.

The issue with my husband’s university is they don’t want the relatives, we asked if parents/sibling can pick up but they said he has to come in person - i find it absurd but it is what it is :frowning:

May we should try other institutes for evaluation that WES and see if they are ok to send us the official transcripts by us.


I am still in the application process myself and have not submitted my EE profile so I cannot give you an opinion based on experience. But based on what I read on website, it is my understanding that the only place where primary applicant’s Bachelor’s degree might be counted towards 25/50 points is under CRS-C(skills transferability factor) that needs IELTS score plus "Two or more post-secondary prog credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary prog of three years or longer"

As per “CRS – B. Spouse or common-law partner factors” your spouse’s bachelor’s degree can fetch you 9 points. If you don’t want to use it then you don’t need his ECA.

HERE is the link from where I got the above info.

So I think that if you are not relying on either of these categories for your CRS points then you wouldn’t need ECA for bachelor’s degree. Also I think the grades on your bachelors or masters don’t really matter because I presume they only want to see if your foreign degree is equivalent to a Canadian degree or not.


No you cannot apply for EE with your own evaluation. You need ECA from designated organizations only. You can find them here


Good news is that you don’t need score of average 8 for both… Only primary applicant needs it… So whoever gets more IELTS score make him or her primary…
Yeah you will loose just 5-10points if not adding spouse’s education so don’t need his ECA…

You need official transcript sealed in an envelope either directly sent to WES or you can send that envelope yourself to WES… but it should be unopened stamped envelope from University with transcript inside it.


thanks @srhere and @rsms, we are trying to see if there is any option at all for my husband’s university to somehow get this. last time we tried, they said he has to come in person but may be we will give it a try. if not, then probably i will leave his education scores.

@rsms, I have done Masters from UK so i am planning to use that for scores and not my bachelor’s (from India) - I think that will be ok, hopefully. My husband has done 4 yrs Bachelor of Engineering so we would have used 'Bachelors Degree (three or more year prog at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institutes) - i.e. if we get the letter from university - i still doubt we will but we will try one last time. if not, i will not add his education for score. i just checked the CRS again without his education, I am getting 449 score. i hope that should be ok to get an ITA in few rounds of draw if not the first one?

By the other evaluation, what I meant was checking other designated organization that on the list.

@srhere, you mentioned only IELTS scores of 8 or more for main applicant are enough, however I see on CRS tool that if both partners have got better result (say 8 or more) we get additional points… of course this is all estimated and we are hoping to score that many points in IELTS that we just booked.


I have not received my ECA report yet and I honestly don’t know if only masters would suffice or not; I have sent both masters and bachelors transcripts as I luckily found an old sealed & stamped bachelor’s transcript lying around. Based on what I read here on this community, I think masters should suffice and furthermore it depends on what the WES report says I believe. It is possible that just masters degree can be used to count towards 50 points on CRS-C (skills transferability) provided that the WES report says “Canadian Equivalency: Master’s Degree” and “Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree”. More discussion on this topic in the post below.

You can even call WES Toronto and ask them how they evaluate and what the report would look like. I recently called them at 416-972-0070 for another matter and they were fast and very helpful.

The latest CRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited is 442 so your calculated score of 449 would have qualified.

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Thanks @rsms. this helps :slight_smile:


you need 8 in Listening and 7 in other three tests R, W, S…
Assuming you have masters and atleast 8777 score in IELTS and your age is less than 35… and you have job experience anywhere outside Canada more 3 years or more…
Then you will get CRS score more than last cutoff of 442… so thats why i said it should be enough…
but definitely adding spouse gets you some extra points…

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correct, thats what basically my profile sums up-to. Under 35, have masters degree and an experience of 9 yrs in UK/US/India… so i was thinking of just applying with my profile if my husband’s university troubles us with getting his transcripts.

Also, I wanted to check something real quick, as I will be the main applicant on the form - Once we get the PR approval, can my husband travel first to Canada or do I need to travel first/together ?


I thought there should not be any issue in that…It would be helpful to get this answer for people like you and me who are still at beginning of this process…
@anon25417004 or @avj can you please confirm that…