Express Entry cutoff

Hello folks .

Just wanted some info regarding the cutoff points . As of now it is around 440 .
I took the CRS points eval and I am getting around 410 points ( assuming good scores in IELTS) .

So the Q is should I take the jump and start the application knowing that I might not get invited but hoping that the cutoff points will be lowered in the next year or so ? What is the trend like ?

What are my chances of getting an invite If I get into the pool .? Is the cutoff rigid , or the powers-that-be also choose people with lower points but have good chances of assimilation.

I am a H1B - 10 years US experience and a masters in IT from US, Wife is a B.S in Electrical Engg , India.


Yes definitely you should create the application… even if cutoff is 440 sometimes people are selected from lower points group also for PNP for example by Ontario…

You need just education ECA and IELTS score to put the application in the pool…

and check your score with miniimum 8777 in Ielts (8 in listerning)

Thanks , just like to add - PNP option is currently not on the table for us .
Wife only wants to move to Toronto .

Toronto is in Ontario :slight_smile:

Frankly, it’s unlikely to get ITA with 410. When you say good I’m assuming you mean 8.0-9 in IELTS?
If that’s the case then I would say easiest would be to find a job and move there first on a work visa.

Correct me if I am wrong here , I thought PNP was the Provincial nominee program where you have to reside in Alberta or some province up north ? Ontario has the OINP as far as I know .
Anyways are you saying I might qualify for the OINP ? are there any cutoff points for OINP?

Yes PNP means Provincial Nominee Program. and its not only for Alberta’s…

and OINP is Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program…

Many Provinces have PNP programs with different criterias…

My main Q is here is the trend , are we expecting the cutoff to go lower any time soon . What was the cutoff was like in say 2017/2016 ? Is CAN tightening the immig policy or looking to infuse more immgrants in the near future

Nobody can really predict that. In 2016-2017 the cutoff was hovering around 480. It’s unlikely it will go as low as 410.

Cutoff can go lower … No body can predict for sure… because it all depends how many new people join the pool with higher scores… if they have say 4000 people joining new with score more than 460 then definitely cutoff will increase to 460…

but if they have only 500 people joining above say 450… and there are only 1000 people between 440 and 450… then cutoff may come to 435 or 430 to include more 2000 required… as usually draws are increasing even the number of people selected…

In latest draw, Number of invitations issued:** 3,900

its difficult to go below 430 very soon because see the number of people in pool below:

|601-1200 = |256|
|451-600 = |1,049|
|441-450 = |955|
|431-440 = |9,404|

so already total 11664 people are in pool above 430 score… as of Oct 11th…
So even 3 draws cover all these people still every week new people are joining with good scores…

btw… did you check your CRS score with 8777 as IELTS score?

Yes i used 8777 as IELTS score.

did you add your wife to the CRS score calculator… and did you add her education and also ielts score?

if yes…then probably your age is very high …because otherwise with 8777 in ielts and with Masters and with 3+ years of experience, one should easily get more than 440…

haha , i am still 43 , but whatever .

Did you say you are 43 years old?


That’s gonna cost you a ton of points.

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Thats a smart observation :slight_smile: Please tell me what I dont know already

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In that case your best bet is to make your spouse the primary (if she’s younger, and gets similar/better IELTS score etc.). Another option is to get a degree in Canada.

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What are the chances of getting a job offer from Canada . I heard its not easy .