Express Entry Eligibility

Hi Team, thanks for sharing your experiences. I have a question regarding Express entry eligibility. Few months back It was showing to be eligible without Canadian work experience ( previous ) and having 7 IELTS score ( speaking, listening, reading and writing ). I have a total work experience of 7 years ( Full Time ). I checked it yesterday. It’s showing I am not eligible with the same inputs i provided previously. Is there any change happened recently for the eligibility?

What’s your question?

What’s your profile? Age, marital status, canadian and total work experience, IELTS (lets assume 8.0+) , education etc?

Age 31, I am married, Canadian work experience NIL, Total work experience 7+ years, IELTS ( Lets assume 8+ ), educational qualification - B.Tech ( Engineer )

I think It’s not asking for age and educational qualification while putting the inputs for express entry eligibility check.

here is the link :

Are you using the CRS calculator? Check your score and see if it’s more than the cutoff. If your score is greater than cutoff and you get the ITA, then you’re eligible.

Thank you Joshi. I’m gonna check using this calculator then. Thanks for this info.

How about this link?

is it the wrong one?

It shows that you are eligible if I add both of you, with IELTS 8.5, bringing the adequate amount of money with your 7+ years of experience and Bachelors degree. Right now don’t worry about the eligibility criteria. Try the CRS calculator adding both of your information and check scores.

Also make sure to check other posts on this forums as a lot of your questions have already been answered.

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Thanks @avj a lot for guiding me. I will check all other posts also.