Express Entry for young professionals?

Hi all,

Here is my background:

  • Have a Computer Science (STEM) undergraduate degree from a US university
  • Have been working for the last 15 months at a large US tech company
  • Am Indian, don’t see a path forward in the US given the Green Card backlog
  • Currently on an H-1B visa that runs out in June 2020, don’t want to renew
  • My current CRS score is 416 due to lack of experience

Given this situation, I have a few options for moving to Canada:

  • Keep working until I have 3 years of experience and bump my CRS score up to 441
  • Get an internal transfer to Canada from my current employer
  • Get another offer from a Canadian company
  • Any other options I should look into?

What would be the best path forward for someone like me? Thanks!

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The most CRS score increases will happen due to following (in no particular order):

  1. Good IELTS score
  2. A Masters degree (preferably in Canada, or even in the US, as long as you can get Canadian-equivalency ECA for that).
  3. Canadian job offer, either transfer or new offer from Canada (probably the best).

If you just finished your bachelors and are below, say, 28 years of age I would highly recommend either trying for a job offer, or getting a masters degree, preferably in Canada.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I think I’ll max out on IELTS when I do take it, unfortunately increasing 2 and 3 will take some time but I’ll keep that in mind.

With only bachelors and highest possible IELTS score, a 25 year old single person with 2 years of work experience outside Canada gets 416 points on CRS calculator. Not nearly enough to crack the cutoff. A Canadian Masters is going to give you the ability to kick start your PR process, and you can also work side by side while getting Masters. Or you can find a job/transfer to Canada and apply under Canadian experience class/PNP.

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