Express Entry ITA profile questionnaire

About to submit docs for ITA & have some last minute questions, please help to clarify those:

  1. In the Education history section, should I just need to update my highest degree for which I have ECA?
    Or do we need to update 10th/12th and other degrees also as a requirement ?
    For now, I have just filled my ECA complete highest degree.

  2. There is a period of 5-6 months when I was employed with the Indian subsidiary of my current US organization. The Reference Letter I got from my US employer does not list the period I was employed in India. My period of employment with US organization is more than 3 years, so I already meet the minimum requirement of 3 years with that.

Do I need to have a separate Reference letter from the Indian subsidiary ?
OR should I just ignore this period in my Employment history and mention this in the Personal history as well as LOE?


Mention only that education for which you have the ECA. The other education will go in your personal history after you receive your ITA.

If you have 3 years of experience in the US and have the reference letter for those 3 years, it is not necessary to add the other employment details before ITA. If you can however obtain those fairly quickly, you may add them but if it is going to take time, you can skip. Just add it in the history after receiving your ITA.

Thank you @mrandmrs for your answers. It is really helpful. In the quote above, do you mean Educational History or Personal History above ?


I would suggest adding it only in the Personal History section since you are not claiming points for it.